Leadership and Horses

Get the book that will change the way you think about Horses Forever 🙂 Leadership and Horses I am so excited that Don’s New Book Leadership and Horses is out. It is incredible. AN ENTIRE COURSE IN LEADERSHIP AND HORSE TRAINING PACKED INTO ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THREE, FULL COLOR, PICTURE FILLED PAGES. Do you want to learn what the “masters” know about training? There are little things that only... 

Voice of Power

We are so excited to share our new Program – Voice of Power. Don Jessop – The Breakthrough Guy, loves helping people. We make designed and customized audio messages to personally help you to feel and live in your power. In this video Don is explaining how the program works. Thanks for watching. Let us help you see changes and breakthroughs in this New Year. ... 

Pauli 1st In Training ODE

So proud of My girl Pauli. She has become better and better as a horse and partner. I was very pleased with her performance and really she was asking me. “Why are these jumps so small?” Best show jumping round from both of us.  

Send Me Life.com

Here is a video about our new business SendMeLife.com from Don Jessop – The Breakthough Guy  

Eventing with Pauli

Pauli and I did a couple of Horse trials this year. We got up to Training 3’3″. She is a rock star. I love the way she looks at everything. That means that I am safe. She is so fun. I loved our Show Jumping round, as she was rhythmic and flowing.  

Ready 4 Debut Demo

Don and I enjoyed another Demo. Pauli was spectacular. Ready 4, our two year old, had his debut outing and he did fantastic. He enjoyed running around and showing the crowd his stuff. Thanks for all the support. Thanks Carrie for the photo’s.  

School Demo Video

This is a video I put together of the demo. Hope you enjoy!  

Demo Extraordinaire

Fun Demo with our daughter Shona’s whole second grade (about 100 kids.) With the help of Lori and Ethan. We did a mother, daughter demo and played horse soccer, musical statues. It was great to see the kids have such a great time too.  

The building that was

One fine day, just going about with life as usual. God decided to remind me that I was not in control of my life and in one instant things can change forever. A big windstorm came up and blew the roof off our barn. The roof flew over our tractor and did not touch it. Part of the barn roof flew onto our house roof and down the other side. The light bulb stayed intact during the whole flight. The posts pulled... 

Jumping Picnic Table

Jumping Pauli over the picnic table, without using the reins (want to call it bridle-less, but it is still on there, even if I didn’t use it). This is the first time I have jumped Pauli in front of a crowd. She was super fabulous and has come so far. Also in my handstand, Pauli has her eyes closed, she is so relaxed and happy. That is what it is all about for me, right there. ... 

Don and Rachel

Don and Rachel play with horses. Teach people to play with horses. It is all about relationship, connection and fun.

Send Me Life

Don Jessop the Breakthrough guy. Self Help and Motivational Speaker. Don Jessop helps you transform through customized, personal, motivational audio messages. Designed to help you live where nothing holds you back. Break through and conquer the fear and transform into the unique individual that you are designed to be.